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2001: Cricketnext.com, Golden Mouse Award
Our flagship site, Cricketnext.com , a complete cricket portal, was awarded the Golden Mouse Award

2001: Cultureshop India, Golden Web Award
We were extremely pleased when another site of ours, Cultureshopindia.com, a Hiranandani Group Site, was awarded a Golden Web Award for the yeatr 2001-2002

August 5, 2000: Iamawiz.com, Cool Site of the Day & Cyber Teddy
A dot com for budding entrepreneurs, Iamawiz.com was awarded the "Cool Site of the Day" on August 5 2000.
It was also given the Cyber Teddy award and was listed in the top 500 websites

2000: Cricketnext.com, Best of Asia Pacific
Our flagship site, Cricketnext.com , a complete cricket portal, was awarded the best of Asia Pacific Award for the year 2000

2000: GetMoremarks.com, Webmasters Award
A portal built to aid students, Getmoremarks.com, was awarded the Webmasters Award

June 2, '98: CyberEagle’s Site of Prey Award
"Your site has been reviewed by our panel of judges and has received CyberEagles "Web Master - Site of Prey" award. Not an easy task as very few "Site of Prey" awards will be presented. It has been a privilege to review a site such as yours!!!"

GAR award June 1, 1998: The GAR Award
"Due to the extremely high quality of your website, you have won the GAR award. It is the decision of the GAR staff that your site does indeed stand above others in its graphic quality, site organization, and overall attractiveness. We gratefully appreciate the existence of such sites on the Net, and hope that through this award, the leaders will become more visible to the public." We couldn't have put it better!

June 1, 1998: Award of the Altar
"Yours would have to be one of the best sites we have awarded, the design, graphics and content are all first-class. We were especially impressed with the virtual tour of Easter Island, and the section on the Titanic."

June 1, '98: Award of Excellence
"Congratulations on creating a very informative and resourceful web site. Your Web Site design reflects a very high standard of creativity and professionalism on the World Wide Web and is sure to benefit all who visit and use the resources you have made available. It really is impressive.....

May 30, 1998: Cool Site of the Day
With a coolness rating of 6.270, Vision was one of the highest scoring sites among all those selected this year. Needless to say, we were mighty thrilled, especially as our hits went into orbit after receiving this much sought after award.

May 29, 1998: Badger's Pick of the Day
Our site features a Pick of the Day, and we are pleased to inform you that your site will be featured as the Pick of the Day for today and will be added to our archive list. Congratulations on an outstanding job!

May 3, 1998: Web Master Award
You have been chosen as part of a select few to have won the prestigous Webmaster Award. After review of your website, our staff of judges has found your website to be in the TOP 2% of all the websites we've reviewed. Of the thousands of websites we review every month, our staff believes your web site to have exceptional graphics as well as unique & interesting content.

March, 1998: Project Cool
Congratulations! As we're sure you are aware, your site is "cool" and now it's official! We here at Project Cool wanted to let you know that you were selected during the past week because your site makes effective use of the web as a medium and in some way shows off the web's potential. It is a site that others building for the web can look to for inspiration.

Critical Mass March, 1998: Critical Mass Award
A *very* nice site!! Excellent design, *beautiful* graphics and your information is presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise! Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, *fun* and attractive place to visit.

March 22, 1998: CoolStop's Best of the Cool
We're in very elite company here at CoolStop's Best of the Cool - and you would do well to check out some of the other winners here as well. CoolStop's own site is also amazing - unlike some of the other "award sites" whose awards we have been recipients of. None listed here :).

March 2, 1998: IAO Award for Design Excellence
Your web site is now presented with this prestigious award and you have won the privilege to display the award icon of distinction on your site!

1997: Platinum Top 100
Congratulations! The Platinum 100 has selected your site as Winner-one of the Top 100 on the Web. The Platinum 100 Award recognizes Web sites that meet our stringent criteria for overall excellence. We will have screened over 60,000 nominations this year alone and will award less than 1% of all those nominated.

Awards. Everybody likes winning them. We're no exception. And ever since we made it into the Platinum Top 100, award after award has followed. Below is a list of the more prestigious accolades we've received recently. Due to the extreme graphic nature of this page, we have included only a selected few, discarding almost 50 others in the process.

Read the review from The Ultimate Magazine Database on June 4, '98 before you proceed.

Click here for the Choice December 1997: Choice Site of the Month
Once again we're in elite company; winning an award from this highly rated award service.

Culture Choice Site December 1997: Culture Choice
Greetings! Congratulations on having been selected as a CULTURE CHOICE site by THE WEB OF CULTURE! This designation cites you as an online resource providing valuable cross-cultural information to the Internet community. The World Wide Web is truly the global marketplace for educating our neighbors on the diversity of ethnic populations everywhere.

Due to the highly graphic nature of this page, we regret we cannot showcase all the awards we have won, and have to satisfy everybody with a brief listing.

Cool Central's Site of the Day We're a quality site prescribed by Dr. Webster, made it into Zen Search's Top 100 list, garnered the Golden Banner award, were voted Cool Central's Site of the Day last year and more recently Cool Central's Site of the Hour on May 30, 1998, were selected as a Cool Site by Snyder's Empire, and as garnish, picked up the Fire Award; Cyspace Pro's Gold Award; King of the Jungle Award; and the Award Ward.

Two of our features have been selected as Starting Point's Hot Site: Stephen King, the Man, the Books and the Movies; and The Titanic: The Complete Story.

We beat thousands of others to make it into the The URL Spider's Best of the Web - only 10 sites a week do; picked up the Enchanted Star Award, Golden Banner Award, and KJEM's Treasured Site Award, and were found to be a Cool Sighting by Project Cool.

We'd also like to thank the following sites who honored us with awards: D.D.C. Services for the Bronze Leaf Award; DSidekick Crazyboy for the Hotsite of the Week Award; Spunky Munky' Award; The Holy Banana for Worth a Peek; Dizzy Loves This Site Award; Sky Castle's Cool Award; and several others we sincerely apologize for not mentioning.

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