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SiDSTM offers a host of Internet related services which include the following:

WWW Home Page Document Hosting
In addition to providing your company with a unique domain name, SiDSTM can host your company pages on some of the fastest secure servers currently available in the world.

WWW Page Design and Construction
Using Java, ActiveX, Future Splash, CGI programming, 3-D Studio, Dynamic HTML, and other image enhancing applications, SiDSTM can design your home pages to be breathtaking in elegance and style, while retaining a simplicity that's almost classical.

Multimedia Graphic Design
From image enhancement and animations to full fledged multi-media special effects, our graphic designers can create compelling images that will make your site stand out on the Net. SiDSTM can design and implement multimedia applications such as Macromedia, Shockwave and other Flash Animation to give your users a unique browsing experience.

State-of-the-art Web and Customized Database solutions
Skilled with the latest in Web Technology, SiDSTM can help organizations design, develop, implement, operate, and maintain Information Management Systems through robust web enabled applications.

Wireless Solutions for the Modern Business
SiDSTM can develop cost effective WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) applications, which allow customers an additional medium to stay in touch with even when they are on the move.

E-Business Solutions
We can strengthen your online business sales with dynamic B2B and B2C services. SiDSTM can develop an entire e-commerce portal along with a custom made shopping cart to enable superior shopping features like real time calculation and convenient features for users.

Intranet / Extranet and VPN Solutions
SiDSTM can evaluate your company's current systems and work with you to create an online corporate community and help in better communication as well as smoother workflow within your company.

Content Updates & Management
With a full maintenance team, SiDSTM can add or change information on your pages as often as needed to keep your pages up-to-date and current.

Custom Forms and Response Tools
SiDSTM can design forms, which will allow customers to place orders, request information, and provide other feedback - directly over the net.

Usage Information
SiDSTM provides regular summaries that let you keep daily track of how many users access your pages as well as provides you with a detailed Activity Report every week.

Personalized Training
For executives, managers and other personnel who want to get the most of the technology of the future, SiDSTM provides corporate training on the Internet and how to use it optimally.

Low Cost Home Page Design Packages for Individuals
And for those surfers out there who would like to have their own home page on the Net, SiDSTM can provide you with one at the minimum of costs.

Marketing your Web Site
With placement on search engines, links on other sites, miscellaneous advertising including ads in the local media, SiDSTM can market your site to ensure you really get noticed on the Internet.

Internet Consultancy Services
SiDSTM can also provide consultancy services for setting up Internet café's, Intranet operations and assistance in setting up your own network as an Internet server.


In addition to having a strong hold in the Web Industry, we also provide various additional services such as:

  • Audio and video editing
  • Banner creation
  • Creation of Software Applications using VB
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Online and Offline Games using Macromedia Flash
  • Multimedia CD Presentations
  • 3D Modeling and Walkthroughs
  • Online Brand Promotions

SIDS has joined the IPIX Partner Network to produce state-of-the-art 360-degree iPIX immersive images. SIDS is now capable to meet the specific needs of commercial/corporate users, Internet/ecommerce developers, professional photographers, and other rich media providers who require differentiated Web or offline immersive content for their own use or for their customers.

View our sample
IPIX 360-degree tour

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